/incompactly92589.html,Bar,Ghost,Restaurant,www.deniserd.com,Decoration,Rider,Cloth,Tapestries,28円,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,L,Hanging Tapestries Hanging Cloth Ghost Rider Restaurant L 高い素材 Bar Decoration 28円 Tapestries Hanging Cloth Ghost Rider Bar Restaurant Decoration L Home Kitchen Home Décor Products /incompactly92589.html,Bar,Ghost,Restaurant,www.deniserd.com,Decoration,Rider,Cloth,Tapestries,28円,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,L,Hanging 28円 Tapestries Hanging Cloth Ghost Rider Bar Restaurant Decoration L Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Tapestries Hanging Cloth Ghost Rider Restaurant L 高い素材 Bar Decoration

Tapestries Hanging Cloth Ghost Rider Restaurant L 高い素材 初回限定 Bar Decoration

Tapestries Hanging Cloth Ghost Rider Bar Restaurant Decoration L


Tapestries Hanging Cloth Ghost Rider Bar Restaurant Decoration L

Product description


This gorgeous tapestry can be used for a wall hanging, a table cloth, a bedspread, furniture throw, curtains, altar cloth, hung from the ceiling, home decor, and more.

Tapestry Specification
❤Size: W 25.1ʺ × L37.7ʺ(64cm × 96cm);
W 37.7ʺ × L56.6ʺ(96cm × 144cm);
W 49.2ʺ × L74.8ʺ(125cm × 190cm);

About Tapestry
❤Lightweight, durability and endurance, Easy to hang with thumb tacks, nails or velcro tapes.
❤3D print, bright color, gorgeous and graceful look.
❤Unique design, Realistic pattern, very pretty.
❤Widespread usage, tapestry, wall hanging, table cloth, blanket, beach towel, scarf, gift, TV background and so on.

Please Note
❤Transport may cause wrinkles, it can be removed by washing or steam ironing. Separate washing, hang to dry is better.
❤Manual measurement will result in an error of 1-2 cm.
❤We have tried our best to present the actual picture but there can be differences in colors due to screen resolution, monitor setting, Mobile app use, viewing angle and other photographic elements.

❤Washing Instructions:
1.Do not wash in hot water.Suggest gentle hand wash in cold or warm water and hang dry.
2.Do not use chlorine bleach,because this will lead to fading!
3.Machine wash is OK, but it may wrinkle.(You can iron it with a steam iron)

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Tapestries Hanging Cloth Ghost Rider Bar Restaurant Decoration L

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