QWinOut Micro F3 Flight Controller with 4 ESC Cont Speed 10A 新作通販 in1 37円 QWinOut Micro F3 Flight Controller with 4 in1 10A ESC Speed Cont Toys Games Vehicles 37円,with,Toys Games , Vehicles,Flight,F3,Controller,Micro,10A,Cont,4,Speed,ESC,QWinOut,/hydrosulphide543988.html,in1,www.deniserd.com 37円,with,Toys Games , Vehicles,Flight,F3,Controller,Micro,10A,Cont,4,Speed,ESC,QWinOut,/hydrosulphide543988.html,in1,www.deniserd.com 37円 QWinOut Micro F3 Flight Controller with 4 in1 10A ESC Speed Cont Toys Games Vehicles QWinOut Micro F3 Flight Controller with 4 ESC Cont Speed 10A 新作通販 in1

QWinOut Micro F3 Flight Controller with 4 ESC Cont Speed 10A 新作通販 in1 今だけスーパーセール限定

QWinOut Micro F3 Flight Controller with 4 in1 10A ESC Speed Cont


QWinOut Micro F3 Flight Controller with 4 in1 10A ESC Speed Cont

Product description

BLHeliS 10A 2S,support oneshot,multshot,dshot
5V/1.5A switching power
Note: this board could be suitable for 2-3S battery. BUT if you use 3S battery, your motors need to be under 5000KV, or it would damage the board or your drone.
LDARC 110GT's motor is over 5000KV; it is so high that we recommend you use 2S battery. Do not use 3S battery if you use it with 110GT.

QWinOut Micro F3 Flight Controller with 4 in1 10A ESC Speed Cont

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