KAR 925K Stamped Sterling Silver Tiger I1P Men's Eye Large 予約 Ring Tiger,49円,www.deniserd.com,/exciting92354.html,Silver,Ring,Stamped,Men's,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Sterling,925K,Eye,KAR,I1P,Large KAR 925K Stamped Sterling Silver Tiger I1P Men's Eye Large 予約 Ring 49円 KAR 925K Stamped Sterling Silver Tiger Eye Men's Large Ring I1P Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men 49円 KAR 925K Stamped Sterling Silver Tiger Eye Men's Large Ring I1P Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Tiger,49円,www.deniserd.com,/exciting92354.html,Silver,Ring,Stamped,Men's,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Sterling,925K,Eye,KAR,I1P,Large

KAR お気にいる 925K Stamped Sterling Silver Tiger I1P Men's Eye Large 予約 Ring

KAR 925K Stamped Sterling Silver Tiger Eye Men's Large Ring I1P


KAR 925K Stamped Sterling Silver Tiger Eye Men's Large Ring I1P

Product description

Stone Size: 2.10 cm x 1.50 cm --- Stone Type: Tiger's Eye --- Metal Type: Sterling Silver --- Other Metal Type: Bronze Details --- Weight: 19 grams All orders come in a special gift box. Please contact us if you don't see your size. We will do our best to obtain it from our warehouse or resize when possible.

KAR 925K Stamped Sterling Silver Tiger Eye Men's Large Ring I1P

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