Compatible,Automotive , Replacement Parts,,MMAI-CAM8-16RD,Performance,Mishimoto,Intake,279円,/campylotropal543694.html,Air,With Mishimoto MMAI-CAM8-16RD Performance Air SALE開催中 Intake With Compatible 279円 Mishimoto MMAI-CAM8-16RD Performance Air Intake Compatible With Automotive Replacement Parts Mishimoto MMAI-CAM8-16RD Performance Air SALE開催中 Intake With Compatible 279円 Mishimoto MMAI-CAM8-16RD Performance Air Intake Compatible With Automotive Replacement Parts Compatible,Automotive , Replacement Parts,,MMAI-CAM8-16RD,Performance,Mishimoto,Intake,279円,/campylotropal543694.html,Air,With

デポー Mishimoto MMAI-CAM8-16RD Performance Air SALE開催中 Intake With Compatible

Mishimoto MMAI-CAM8-16RD Performance Air Intake Compatible With


Mishimoto MMAI-CAM8-16RD Performance Air Intake Compatible With

Product description


Does the 2016 Camaro SS need more power? of course it does. Why would that ever be a question? the Mishimoto engineers know this, and as soon as our brand new Camaro SS arrived, they got started on intake development. The engineering team went through multiple prototypes to make sure this Camaro intake flows massive amounts of air straight into the throttle body. The tight space constrictions make it difficult to fit such a large intake without running into the radiator, but the Mishimoto engineers developed a design that fits perfectly. It features a huge five inch diameter inlet pipe, making it our largest intake yet this Mishimoto Camaro intake generates max gains of 14 Whp and 14 wtq while a symphony of bald eagles singing rings out as your foot nears the floor. The plastic Injection molded MAF housing ensures proper airflow readings to keep your afrs close to stock. This means you can run this intake without a tune, making it a true bolt-on upgrade. The silicone inlet pipe features steel wire reinforcement to prevent it from collapsing under load. Just like All Mishimoto Camaro SS parts, this intake comes with the Mishimoto lifetime warranty.

From the manufacturer

Mishimoto MMAI-CAM8-16RD Performance Air Intake Compatible With

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