Tennis,Racket,Get,Toysmith,Jumbo,Outside,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,14円,Set,,GO!,/australene99171.html Toysmith Get Outside GO Set Racket Tennis ◆高品質 Jumbo Toysmith Get Outside GO Set Racket Tennis ◆高品質 Jumbo 14円 Toysmith Get Outside GO! Jumbo Tennis Racket Set Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness 14円 Toysmith Get Outside GO! Jumbo Tennis Racket Set Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Tennis,Racket,Get,Toysmith,Jumbo,Outside,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,14円,Set,,GO!,/australene99171.html

Toysmith 海外輸入 Get Outside GO Set Racket Tennis 高品質 Jumbo

Toysmith Get Outside GO! Jumbo Tennis Racket Set


Toysmith Get Outside GO! Jumbo Tennis Racket Set

Product description

Put a new twist on a traditional game with the Jumbo Tennis Racket Set from Toysmith. This set includes two 27-inch mesh rackets with soft grip handles and one tennis ball. The oversized rackets make hitting the ball easier than ever. Take the game anywhere; this set is great for indoor or outdoor fun. These rackets are great for a competitive game with the family and friends. This item is not recommended for children 3 years or younger.

Toysmith Get Outside GO! Jumbo Tennis Racket Set


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