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LLANES Coffee Estates NEW ARRIVAL - 1 lb. 100% WB Kona 商舗

LLANES Coffee Estates - 1 lb. 100% Kona Coffee WB


LLANES Coffee Estates - 1 lb. 100% Kona Coffee WB

Product description

Rich in History ~ Rich in Flavor The Llanes Estates is located on the Big Island of Hawaii on the Kona Coast, in a little town called Keauhou Mauka on the beautiful slopes of Hualalai Volcano. Sabas Llanes created a legacy that has passed on to the third generation of the Llanes Family. In tribute to their grandfather, the Llanes family has kept the tradition of producing 100% Kona Coffee, handpicking only the coffee cherry when it is red. It is then processed, roasted, and packaged entirely on the Llanes Estates, ensuring an excellent tasting 100% Kona Coffee. Sabas would be proud of this accomplishment. If he were here today, you would find him where he loved to be the most - on his beloved coffee farm. In tribute to Mr. Sabas Llanes, we invite you to taste our 100% Kona Coffee. Available in: Whole Bean (Blue Foil Bag) or Ground (Tan Craft Bag) Medium Roast Size: 16 oz

LLANES Coffee Estates - 1 lb. 100% Kona Coffee WB

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