40pc,Bit,Power Hand Tools , Power Tool Parts Accessories,Spline,91円,Set,Star,Hex,-,www.deniserd.com,1687,Laser,/ammono92555.html 91円 Laser - 1687 Star Spline Hex Bit Set 40pc Power Hand Tools Power Tool Parts Accessories Laser - 1687 Star Spline Hex Set 40pc Bit 割引も実施中 91円 Laser - 1687 Star Spline Hex Bit Set 40pc Power Hand Tools Power Tool Parts Accessories 40pc,Bit,Power Hand Tools , Power Tool Parts Accessories,Spline,91円,Set,Star,Hex,-,www.deniserd.com,1687,Laser,/ammono92555.html Laser - 1687 Star Spline Hex Set 40pc Bit 割引も実施中

Laser - 1687 Star Spline Hex Set WEB限定 40pc Bit 割引も実施中

Laser - 1687 Star Spline Hex Bit Set 40pc


Laser - 1687 Star Spline Hex Bit Set 40pc

Product description

A 40pc bit set designed for the automotive engineer with Star, Spline and Hex bits. Includes 3/8"D and 1/2"D socket drivers: Star bits x 30mm T20 | T25 | T30 | T40 | T45 | T50 | T55, Star bits x 75mm T20 | T25 | T30 | T40 | T45 | T50 | T55, Spline bits x 30mm M5 | M6 | M8 | M10 | M12, Spline bits x 75mm M5 | M6 | M8 | M10 | M12, Hex bits x 30mm 4mm | 5mm | 6mm | 7mm | 8mm | 10mm | 12mm, Hex Bits x 75mm 4mm | 5mm | 6mm | 7mm | 8mm | 10mm | 12mm. Spare bits available. Complete with 2 adaptors 3/8"D amp; 1/2"D.

Laser - 1687 Star Spline Hex Bit Set 40pc

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