icecoolfashion お買い得品 Women's Stretch Denim Jeans Shorts Mid Ris Ladies 25円 icecoolfashion Women's Stretch Denim Jeans Shorts Ladies Mid Ris Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women icecoolfashion お買い得品 Women's Stretch Denim Jeans Shorts Mid Ris Ladies Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,25円,Denim,/Guelphish313349.html,Shorts,,icecoolfashion,Stretch,Ladies,Women's,Jeans,Mid,Ris Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,25円,Denim,/Guelphish313349.html,Shorts,,icecoolfashion,Stretch,Ladies,Women's,Jeans,Mid,Ris 25円 icecoolfashion Women's Stretch Denim Jeans Shorts Ladies Mid Ris Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

icecoolfashion お買い得品 Women's 高級品 Stretch Denim Jeans Shorts Mid Ris Ladies

icecoolfashion Women's Stretch Denim Jeans Shorts Ladies Mid Ris


icecoolfashion Women's Stretch Denim Jeans Shorts Ladies Mid Ris

Product description

  • See size chart in pictures for full measurements
  • 70% Cotton/28% Polyester/2% Elastane
  • Machine Washable

These are above the knee denim jeans style shorts, perfect for those sunny days!
The shorts fabric is stretchy to ensure they are super comfy to be worn all day.
Its slim, skinny fit hugs and compliments your natural curves.
They are short shorts making them an essential for your summer wardrobe.
Adjust the length by rolling the bottom cuff up revealing more leg or down for more coverage. (As shown on 1 leg in the picture)
They have a classic 5 pocket design; 3 front pockets with silver coloured rivets.
The back has 2 pockets have edge stitch detailing.(Back pocket detailing may vary)
The mid-rise waistband has belt loops to finish your outfit with a belt.
For simple fastening, there is a silver colour stud button and zip fly.
The above the knee shorts have an inside leg measurement of 9" (23cms) sitting mid thigh.
With 3 variations of blue short to choose from, there are shades and fades for everyone!

icecoolfashion Women's Stretch Denim Jeans Shorts Ladies Mid Ris

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