Black,42円,D,Rug,,White,/Araucarioxylon92505.html,Vintage,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Modern,Area,for,Cream,-,Room,Living,in 42円 Area Rug for Living Room in Black White Cream - Modern Vintage D Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Black,42円,D,Rug,,White,/Araucarioxylon92505.html,Vintage,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Modern,Area,for,Cream,-,Room,Living,in 42円 Area Rug for Living Room in Black White Cream - Modern Vintage D Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Area Rug for Living Room in Black D Cream White - Vintage 激安☆超特価 Modern Area Rug for Living Room in Black D Cream White - Vintage 激安☆超特価 Modern

Area Rug for Living Room in 発売モデル Black D Cream White - Vintage 激安☆超特価 Modern

Area Rug for Living Room in Black White Cream - Modern Vintage D


Area Rug for Living Room in Black White Cream - Modern Vintage D

Product description

Size:5'3" x 7'3"

This stylish vintage-look rug creates a pleasant ambience in your living room. Shabby chic is on trend for rugs too: The antique-effect designs in grey and black are harmoniously coordinated and are evocative of traditional floral elements from classic design. This tasteful living room rug is ideal for combining with cottage-style retro furniture. Its low pile height of 8 mm makes it particularly easy to care for and durable for day-to-day use. There is no problem with laying the runner in areas with underfloor heating either. When you choose this retro rug, you are not only getting a floral centrepiece for your home, but also a product that is free from harmful substances and certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. Have you found your favourite design yet?

Area Rug for Living Room in Black White Cream - Modern Vintage D

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