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定価の67%OFF Fits 11-14 Sonata Only 超安い Models with Mirror on Signal H Turn

Fits 11-14 Sonata (Only Fits Models with Turn Signal on Mirror H


Fits 11-14 Sonata (Only Fits Models with Turn Signal on Mirror H

Product description

New Exact Fit Quality Aftermarket Parts
Made in USA

Listed part is for Mirror Assemblies with Signal in Housing Only
Right Passenger Side Convex Replacement Mirror Glass Lens w/out rear back plate
Measures: 7-1/8 Longest Diagonal 4"h x 6-3/4w
Always Confirm Posted Picture and Exact Measurements to Yours as other options may exist
For models without Signal in Housing use BAP-5423H see our Store

Adhesive pads and install instructions provided for quick, easy, install

Designed to fit for Original Equipment Factory Mirror Assemblies Only.
May not fit for Aftermarket Assemblies

2 Year Warranty for fit and function when professionally installed by an Auto Glass Company

Fits 11-14 Sonata (Only Fits Models with Turn Signal on Mirror H

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