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Denis Erd

( Music Producer, Actor, Sound Specialist & Designer & Recorder )

Denis Erd‘ s love in the Nature soon inspired him to explore the natural sounds and create his own style through the arrangement of unique sounds and tunes.. His interest in sound and music  and the experts` interest in his melodies, encouraged him to focus on music and sound technics. He has moved

He has been producing music since 2000 with several collaborations in movies and documentaries and has been living in London since the end of 2010.

He worked as sound designer/editor for many years. He is also known as a successful arranger, especially for electronic music. His music was used in several short films, documentaries that participated in film festivals, TV.

He loves music, cinema and art.

He has collaborated with many production companies in London.

He also does acting.

He was excited to work for Tom Hooper`s award-winning Les Misérables Movie.

He has worked for London Turkish Film Festival as Music Producer & Office Admin, He also produced the music for 18th London Turkish Festival Trailer.

When he is djing, he is Djmoom.

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